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18th Birthday Party (5)Corporate Function (32)Opening (17)
21st Birthday party (10)Country Themed Party (4)Other (9)
40th Birthday Party (20)Dance (19)Party (20)
50th Birthday Party (23)Dinner dance (18)Piano Bar (7)
60th Birthday Party (23)Engagement (18)Pre-School Party (3)
70th Birthday Party (4)Ethnic Event (7)Presentation Night (12)
80th Birthday Party (4)Expo (10)Private Celebrations (31)
90th Birthday Party (3)Expos & Festivals (4)Promotion (15)
After School Care (3)Fair/Fete (17)Resorts (26)
Agricultural Show (2)Family Entertainment (17)Resorts & Tourist Attractions (4)
Anniversary (12)Fancy Dress Party (7)Restaurants (16)
Australia Day (15)Farewell (9)Retirement home entertainment (12)
Australiana Theme (4)Festival (24)Rodeo (3)
Awards Night (17)Film Festival (7)Rural Event (9)
Ball (9)Formals (8)Russian (2)
Bar (9)Functions (12)School Disco (5)
Beach Party (17)Fund Raiser (17)School Fete (8)
Birthday Party (25)Funeral (5)School Holidays (6)
Brazilian theme night (1)Graduations (7)Schools & Colleges (5)
Bush Christmas (3)Halloween (4)Seniors Entertainment (18)
Bush Dance (2)Heritage Event (5)Shopping Centre (12)
Casino Night (8)Hotels (19)Sporting club (24)
Celebration Of Life (5)Karaoke (3)St Patrick's Day (10)
Celtic themed event (4)Kindergarten (4)Staff Party (21)
Charity fund raiser (8)Launch (11)Street Entertainment (18)
Children's party (4)Licensed Clubs & Hotels (33)Street Parade (8)
Christmas Day (4)Life Celebration (8)Surf Club entertainment (28)
Christmas Party (25)Mardi Gras (9)Surprise Party (16)
Circus Night (4)Markets (15)Tourist Theme Park (11)
Club entertainment (24)Media Promotion (9)Valentine's Day (3)
Club Presentation Night (18)Meet And Greet (9)Wedding (33)
Comedy Spot (3)Movie Premiere (9)Wedding Anniversary (20)
Community Events (24)Multicultural Festival (10)Wedding Ceremony (10)
Concert (17)New Year's Eve (32)World Music Event (9)
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