Totally professional, John has warmth and charm, is immaculate in presentation, dynamic in performance and uses no vocal gimmicks, only his solid musical ability.

There is a distinct quality to his performance and, with a voice that is smooth and mellow together with a delightfully unpretentious stage presence, it is easy to understand why audiences come away from his show with a feeling of being truly entertained.

It is this talent, together with a touch of comedy and spontaneity, as well as the ability to put his audience at ease that has kept John in demand for guest artist appearances, concerts, corporate and private events plus for cruise line appearances worldwide.

Winding down his career on the big stage has been the chance to not retire from the industry completely but rather downsize his act to a much more intimate and portable sound.

John is now specialising in morning melody and guest artist spots for clubs, retirement, seniors and over 50's villages as well as private events.

Vocalist John is accompanied by a comprehensive collection of high quality, professionally recorded backing tracks, sourced worldwide. His compact state of the art sound equipment ensures an excellent sound quality.

The performance formats available are 2 x 45 minute sets as a solo singer or a 60- minute show called ‘A Touch of Swing’, which is well-suited to special guest artist spots.

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