Guys in Ties

The "Guys in Ties" are one of Queensland's best family shows. Described as a 'kiddies cover-band', they are an incredibly fun bunch of guys who present 30 minutes of live music and comedy aimed primarily at younger audiences. They also fill out the patter with plenty of jokes and gags that will appeal to people of all ages – so the mums and dads won't get bored while the kiddies are bopping and singing.
They perform popular well-known songs from the Wiggles and Peter Combs as well as classics like 'Bob the Builder' and the 'Chicken Dance'. They also do a comedy version of 'Old McDonald's Farm' and sing a couple of their own songs. The show includes a comedy magic trick and of course - tie gags!
The three front men are Education Queensland school teachers, so the show is full of interesting titbits of trivial facts and high-level humour for the older “kids”. Plus the all-live music will have your kids dancing and singing to songs they know and love.
The show is covered with $20 000 000 public liability and of course they all carry a Blue Card.

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