CJ the Impossible

C J the IMPOSSIBLE combines mystifying magical skills with his natural comic ability to create a character best described as a cross between David Copperfield and Mr Bean.

C J,a Master of Quick Wit, moves audiences through various emotions often culminating in uproarious laughter. Such as when he hurls a 10kg bowling ball or bucket of water at the audience and fear gives way

to surprised relief as they miraculously become a harmless balloon or confetti !

C J the IMPOSSIBLE never takes himself too seriously, but prides himself in providing wholesome entertainment for the most discerning audience. His Stage Shows, Roaming and Close Up Magic can be adapted to suit all occasions. Perhaps a routine involving a new item for a Corporate Product Launch, for example, or a Formal Dinner where C J entertains with Close Up Magic as an ice breaker during cocktails and a Floor Show after dinner when he will involve volunteers, or key people, from the audience who may be threatened with decapitation by the

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