Sera Loons

Sera Loons is a Noosa hinterland three piece band that predominantly plays blues and rock covers. Predominantly that is, because if the band takes a fancy to anything else such as a Doris Day rhumba, or a '70s punk rock exercise in freneticism, then those things will get played...and they do, as it happens.
Formed in early 2012, Sera Loons has been steadily building a loyal following gigging at clubs, outdoor fairs and private knees ups. Out front is sassy lead singer and guitarist Leona Stevens. Leona was a punk rocker with no flowers in her hair when she began plying her craft in a covers band around Sydney and Wollongong. With her unique melding of Campbelltown attitude with a bit more Campbelltown attitude, this little lady is in charge when it's time to rock the house. Come blues time though, and the emotions wrung from her lyrics have been known to make grown men weep, and people to declare, "If that ain't the blues, we ain't gonna hear it here tonight." True story.
The Loons rhythm section comprises Ross Healey on drums/backing vocals and Ross Pilcher on bass/backing vocals. Known to nobody in particular except themselves as R1 and R2, this pair discovered early on that they had a happy rhythmic symbiosis going on, and have absolutely no problem being in each other's pockets, as it were, on stage.
Ross H. has done a bit of drumming in his time. From the blues clubs of Melbourne, to country bands in the Northern Territory, to country, swing, blues and rock bands on the Sunshine Coast, this man is a walkin' talkin' metronome, and should always be deferred to by bass players.
Ross P. took up the bass in high school because it only has four strings, and therefore must be easier to play. Sound reasoning, and it still works for him after all these years. He has played in various blues and rock bands and duos around the Sunshine Coast and regional S.E. Queensland.

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