Nicko is a solo guitarist/vocalist who uses backing tracks to create the sound of a full band and also provides the option for acoustic performances for a more chilled out sound. Nicko has been doing gigs around north Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast for the last 5 years, previous to that he was doing gigs around Maryborough and Hervey Bay for 5 years. Nicko performs well known music suitable for all ages covering a wide range of artists including Jack Johnson, the Doors, Coldplay, Snow Patrol and Santana to name a few as well as some origional songs. He creates his set lists according to the type of audience at the time and chooses songs people will likely know and enjoy. Nicko also has a range of harder edge music reserved for the right audience including covers from artists such as Metallica, Nirvana,Queens of the stone age, H.I.M. and Creed -plus more.

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