Larrikin Puppets

Larrikin Puppets perform a zany, colourful and exciting puppet show starring "Troggg" the blue monster and all of his funny, furry friends! They perform their live and interactive Muppet-style puppet shows at festivals, shopping centres, libraries, childcare centres, schools, vacation care and ticketed theatre events. They also run hands-on puppetry performance workshops - teaching groups of up to 40 people how to operate these sorts of puppets.

Puppeteers Brett Hansen and Elissa Jenkins have been formally trained in the USA by Jim Henson puppeteers from The Muppets and Sesame Street.

Their television puppetry work has included Network Ten’s Totally Wild, The Bureau of Magical Things and Juiced TV.

"Troggg" also performs MC duties at festivals, film screenings, media launches and AGMs. A blue monster puppet MC is very unique, quirky and interesting for any event.

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