Aloha Baby

Ever wanted to visit the Hawaiian Islands but just couldn't afford the tickets? Meet ALOHA BABY, masters of Hawaiian Hapa Haole (Hawaiian style music with English lyrics) and cruisy, atmospheric island instrumentals, the soundtrack of Hawaii.
Their sound evokes an idyllic wonderland that many people have referred to as paradise.
Hypnotic steel guitar runs, woven around syrupy-sweet crooning harmonies driven by the seductive musical pulse of the double bass and ukulele, at times exalting the rapture of Hawaii or starting toes tapping with upbeat kitsch classics.
With the stunning Aloha Baby Dancers the scene is complete. Graceful goddesses of the Hula with beaming smiles exuding the spirit of Aloha. Be gently whisked away to a luscious land of bliss by ALOHA BABY.

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