Alexis Kent Sawford

Alexis Kent Sawford is an Australian singer guitarist, noted for his guitar playing and vocal ability. Album reviews of his debut and second album drew comparisons with greats like Hendrix, Floyd, the Beatles and Australian vocal icons like Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham. In later recordings he utilised vintage equipment in the GPP studio sessions has covered artists like Sam Cooke as well as blues classics like “Spell on You” from Screaming Jay Hawkins. In these sessions featuring his long standing back up band, “Buzz n the Bros”, Alexis captured the warmth and rawness of vintage recordings while stamping with his own unique interpretive style on the repertoire of what he calls “lounge blues”. He has been thrilling his audiences with innovative intimate and edgy versions of iconic blues and soul classics.
Currently based on the Sunshine Coast, performing an eclectic mix of blues, soul, reggae, rock and occasion acoustic folk you can find Alexis performing often in local clubs with his band, as well as in his duo or as a solo singer guitarist.

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